Dangerous exposed wires in a Philadelphia home.In a lot of homes, especially older ones in Philadelphia, it's important to make sure you are being responsible with the electrical equipment around your home. The wires coming down from your power company's main power supply are the responsibility of the homeowner. This includes the meter socket but not the meter clock. The picture to the right shows a meter with a damaged wire that has a poor repair. Electrical tape will not protect this cable correctly and is the responsibility of the homeowner, NOT Your Power Company!



Know where your responsibilty stops and the power company's begins.The weather head is where the homeowners responsibility ends and the power company's begins. This picture shows a weather head that is falling off of the structure. This would be the responsibly of the home owner to repair and not the electric company. Loose weather heads make bad connections and can cause voltage problems in the house that will damage electronic devices and could cause electrical fires.

Still not sure who is responsible for your homes electrical service, call Generation 3 Electric to come out and look before you have to find out the hard and expensive way!

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