old home electric problemsOlder Philadelphia homes need to be inspected and updated for electrical safety. This picture is of an electrical service about 30 to 40 years old. The jacket of the cable is starting to show the signs of drying out. This is the best time to call Generationn 3 Electric to update your electric.
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This picture is of the original metal box that housed the fuses to a home in West Philadelphia. It shows how the fuses were removed a long time ago and the circuits were spliced in the old box to run to a new fuse box. We know this was a long time ago because the wire connections were done with ceramic wire nuts.

old wiringWhen we take a closer look, we see a complex web of colors and lines. Does this look like art to you? Electrically this is a nightmare and not a thing of beauty. These wires are old. Some are at least 100 years old. This is a home that is in need of rewiring. Many insurance companies will not even issue insurance to homes with this type of wiring (ungrounded knob and tube).

Do these pictures look familiar? If so, please call Generation 3 Electric to update your electrical service before it is too late! Electrical codes and techniques have changed within the last 30 to 40 years BUT it is not the responsibility of the electric company to upgrade the electrical equipment, it is the homeowners responsibility!

Where does the homeowner's responsibility begin and the electric company end?

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electric wiring failureHere is a picture of a 100 amp electrical service that is dangerously ready to fail. All the insulation protecting the wire is gone. This homes electrical service has exposed the ground/neutral of the main service. This uninsulated wire now has a live current that can be touched by someone walking down the street. It is very dangerous to touch live wires that have lost their insulation. You would not want to drive a car with bald tires and you should not want your electrical service be without its protective jacket.  

Scheduling upgrades to your homes electrical wires and service before there is an outage or fire is much cheaper than having an emergency electrical outage. Life without electricity is not pleasant. This cable will stop working soon or a PECO lineman may disconnect it from the grid because it is unsafe.

What is the difference between a service cable in a metal conduit or PVC pipe?
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