employment_button2.jpgGeneration 3 Electric is not your typical electrical contractor. Our company is a forward thinking, fast moving and customer focused electrical and lighting services company operating in the Greater Philadelphia market. we focus on the residential market and have a passion for making sure "OLD" electrical work is updated correctly to today's standards. It is a sense of pride for G3E to stay on the cutting edge of technology and maintain best practices in environmentally sound and green strategies. G3E Technicians are professional and experienced in updating the electrical wiring in Philadelphia's historic homes. Working at Generation 3 Electric will spark the beginning of a challenging and rewarding career opportunity for electricians at any skill level.

G3E is looking for great candidates interested in the following positions:


  • Applicable Previous Electrical Experience: Less than 1 up to 2 Years
  • Job Responsibilities and Description: Keep the trucks, shop and jobs clean. Install basic electrical devices such as outlets, switches lights and ceiling fans. Set up job sites by moving materials. Go for materials needed by other technicians. Patch walls and layout drop clothes. Learn from more experienced technicians. Fill out daily time sheets.


  • Applicable Previous Electrical Experience:  2-5 years
  • Job Responsibilities and Description: Able to work sections of jobs unsupervised. Able to install an electrical service when supervised. Capable of fishing lines. Capable of rewiring rooms and basements. Basic trouble shooting.  Learn from more experienced technicians. Fill out daily time sheets.


  • Applicable Previous Electrical Experience:  5-10+ years
  • Job Responsibilities and Description:  Able to read job description. Able to communicate with clients to sell them work and write a job descriptions. Able to estimate time required to complete work. Capable of effectively using assistants. Capable of teaching assistants. Capable of working unsupervised. Able to rewire a house to code. Install a 100 & 200 amp service alone.  Studying to get their electrical license.

Generation 3 Electric employees enjoy:

  • Clean Uniforms
  • Trucks & Tools
  • Health Care
  • 401k
  • Paid Time Off
  • Hands On Learning

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About Generation 3 Electric:

Generation 3 Electric has been servicing the electrical needs of the Philadelphia metro area for three generations. We were voted Philadelphia Magazine's 2012 Best Electrician. Our trained electricians understand any issues you have with the electric in your Philly home. Our technicians specialize in repairing, updating and servicing your homes electrical wiring and lighting for indoor and outdoor residential buildings. They are trained to always respect your home and be mindful of your time. Your 100% satisfaction is our goal. Generation 3 Electric is fully licensed and insured. You will never get a machine when calling our office; a friendly voice will always be there to assist you. Gen3 is also a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor in Philadelphia. To learn more, contact us today.