>What are your HVAC service areas?

Our HVAC team services the following zip codes: 19106, 19103, 19148, 19147, 19146, 19145, 19122, 19112, 19153, 19142, 19143, 19104, 19125, 19139, 19131, 19151, 19130, 19123.

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>What is the difference between forced air and radiant?

Forced air has duct work and moves hot or cold air throughout the home; radiant heat moves hot water through radiators in the home.

>Is there anything I should check prior to making a maintenance call?

Yes, you should check for power at the thermostat.

>I have hot and cold spots in my house. Is this related to my heating and cooling system?

Yes, this is due to a poorly sized and poorly installed system. A mini-split system might be the best solution for your home.

>What size heating and cooling system do I need?

We would need to schedule an onsite visit to determine which sized system is best for your home.  

>When should my system be replaced?

Your system should be replaced when it no longer provides adequate heating or cooling.

>What is the best way to heat and cool my home?

We would need to schedule an onsite visit to your home in order to determine which solution is best for you.

>What heating and cooling solutions do you offer?

We offer mini-split heat pumps, residential boilers, furnaces, and central AC.

>How often should I change my filters?

Ideally, you should change your filters every three months.

>Should I be concerned about noises coming from my system?

Yes. This is something you should have checked out.

>Why is my system leaking?

This is usually due to poor connections.

>What causes my air conditioner to freeze?

This is most likely caused by poor air flow over the coils.

>I have multiple mini-splits in my home and some are blowing cold air, while others are blowing hot air – why is this?

If some indoor units are blowing cold air, and some are blowing hot air, the units are on different condensers outside. If all the indoor units are connected to one outdoor condenser, they must be on the same mode setting, otherwise the units will be non-functional.

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