Older Homes Can Mean Inefficient Power & Dangerous Wiring!

fuse box for knob and tube wiringDoes your power box look like this? If you have an older home, your home may still be wired using old fashion "Knob & Tube." Did you know that your insurance company may not cover this inefficient electrical wiring? Be sure to call your insurance company and find out today, then call Generation 3 Electric to bring it up to code.


What is a Knob & Tube Wiring?

holes in beam from old knob and tube installationG3E Technicians are called to many older residential buildings in Philadelphia where the electrical wiring is still using the old "Knob & Tube" method. As you can see in the picture to the left, the beams in the ceiling still show the holes that are left are from the building's original Knob and Tube electrical system. These holes tell a story of the older, more inefficient electrical wiring installed in the 1930s, "Knob and Tube." All homes should have this outdated method removed or left un-powered in todays homes. Even when that is done there still is the mark that is left on the structure. This homeowner designed and exposed a ceiling showing the structure of the floor above. I think that this was a neat detail and was happy to see this homeowner display it proudly.

How Do I Know If I Have Knob and Tube Wiring?

SCHEDULE A KNOB & TUBE CONSULTATIONHowever, knob and tube wiring is not only out of date but inefficient and dangerous. Click below to watch a video of knob & tube in an attic from the Generation 3 Electric YouTube channel:

Knob & Tube can even shock you in the shower or bathtub - watch:

Knob & Tube causes outlet fires

Updating Knob and Tube Wiring in Your Home

rewiring old electricHere is Chad and Dave going over a house rewire. We are removing all the knob and tube. One clean hole was cut in the ceiling to run the wires. It will be patched and the house will look great. It will also be up to date with new electric.

knob and tube wiring
These pictures are perfect examples of "knob & tube" wiring. Here the wall is opened up to run new circuits that will bring this home up to date. The interesting part of these pictures is that the old knob and tube wire is still on the stud (see orange circle below). You can visually compare how much new wires are needed to replace the old knob and tube wire (see orange rectangle below).

licensed electrical mascot

This house had a fire block on the wall that we had to go around. The top plate was opened and drilled out. This will all be patched and look like new after it is painted. Now the house will not only be efficient and up to date but also safe from electrical fires.


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