Fried Circuit Breaker

fried circuit breakerThis is a circuit breaker that mechanically seized up and then overheated. It was no longer protecting wires that were connected to this circuit. This problem was caught in time. The circuit was replaced for a minimal cost and no further damage occured. A small problem like this left unchecked could cause you thousands of costly repairs or worse.

Why Should My Electrical Panel Get a Tune Up?

1. Check to make sure breakers are operating correctly.
2. Tighten connections that loosen over time.
3. Add conductive jelly that drys out over time.
4. Improved connections lowers electrical noise that affects electronics.
5. Notification of current code safety up dated. 
6. Check for and stop corrosion or water damage before it becomes a costly expense.


Old Electric Panel:                        New Electric Panel:

old electric panel           new electric panel box

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Plus, outside surges to the house can cause serious damage to your property, wallet and peace of mind. Protect your home with a Panel Surge Protector.

Outside Electrical Equipment

Electrical equipment inside is obviously the responsibility of the homeowner, but outside cables and electrical equipment is assumed to be the responsibility of the electric company provider. Not so. Plus, the outside elements can damage this equipment causing electrical outages and fires if not maintained.

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