Good lighting Can Make a House a Home. 

Electrical Installation East Falls | Phildadelphia | Gen3 ElectricRecessed lighting offers a clean, streamlined look in a home. It can increase the amount of light in a room, highlight artwork or other special features, and open up spaces so they look and feel bigger. The recessed lights placement will make the room seem more open and does not take up valuable space for lamps, globes, or sconces. In these cases, the lighting is generally placed in the ceiling or in the walls slightly above the height of the average person. Recessed lights that are placed in the ceiling of a small area are generally brighter than the ones used near eye level, which are generally dim like mood lighting. In some cases, a dimmer is used to ensure that the level of light in the room is not too bright or too dim for the individual that needs to use the area. When the recessed lights are placed into the ceiling, the lights are generally wired to a basic light switch that turns the lights on and off.

Recessed lights come in many different styles.

The lights pictured here were in a kitchen that was made over in the 1980s. Here we replace the old black style trim with a new white trim - notice the different style trims. If you have any questions about different trim types please contact Generation 3 Electric.

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Notice the improvement in brightness from the old to new recessed lights. Yes, the old is "ON"...


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Line Voltage 4 inch Recessed Light FixtureElectrician Philly | Center City | Generation 3 Electric

4 inch recessed lighting fixtures with adjustable gimbal trim help place light close to ceiling surfaces allowing for a larger illumination diameter than deep-set light sources while providing line voltage light and energy efficiency savings; adjustable lamping head for a flexible beam spread; for use with  4" Recessed Can Light Fixture.

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