Every year you should change the batteries in your smoke detectors, but did you know that you should REPLACE your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors every 8-10 years? For the safety of your home and family, G3E can install these life saving devices by ensuring that the device is up to code and wired properly.

Chirping Smoke Detectors

Most of the time a chirping smoke detector is the first sign of a battery that needs to be replaced. However, that is NOT the only reason a smoke detector will chirp.


The above video shows how to test and take a part USI smoke detector when it is chirping. First check to see that the detector has 120 volt. The smoke detectors green light will be lit. It has 120 volt and that was NOT why it was chirping. 

Make sure that the detector is NOT painted. This is very important and printed on every smoke detector. Painting a smoke detector may NOT cause it to chirp but it can prevent the alarm from sounding in a fire.

Check the age of the detector. Ever smoke detector has a manufacturer date (MFG date) stamped on the underside. Smoke detectors need to be replaced 10 years after the date of installation. If you do not know the date when the smoke detector was installed; use the stamped MFG date on the bottom.
On the USI electric Inc 5204 AC/DC detector the battery backup comes out from the side in a tray. You need to see if the battery has power. A bad battery will cause chirping. That is also NOT the problem - this unit needs to be replaced!
To remove the detector you twist to the right (righty tighty, lefty loosy). It will drop down from the ceiling. To disconnect the detector from the 120 volts of power and the interconnect you need to pinch the White, Yellow and Black wires together. This will release the wiring harness.

If you don't feel comfortable replacing your detector yourself or you want to be sure that your smoke detector is doing its job, contact Generation 3 Electric to make sure the only chirps you hear are the birds!

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